CRAY is Ross Healy (composer/sound designer/ record label owner). Ross has been heavily involved in the electronic scene since the early 90's. Releasing recordings for labels in Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and the U.S under many different names (This Digital Ocean, Horaku, Amnesia, Siko Spunji, 56k and Cray) covering many styles of electronic music, Avant improv electronics, Experimental computer music, Noise, Industrial, Techno, Ambient, IDM and Drum n Bass. Ross seems to be settled nowdays in the improv / experimental field.

As well as his lust for electronic music making, Ross has also co-run Global Warming (popular club
in the late 90's), written for Digital magazine, Remixed (Demixed) artists work, designed web
page sounds, had his music used in TV shows and commercials and has performed live around the globe.

Ross is also the founding member of VICMOD. VICMOD teaches people how to build modular synthesizers.

VICMOD Records was started by Ross Healy and Boyd Korab in 2010.


A Silent Burst


Water Computing VMD02

Degenerate Stimuli Much Notification

Digest One

Ryou Oonishi
7 in 45

Roland Oberheim
Zen and the Art of Hard Disc Recording

Oskar T Oram
Abbey Of Thelema Field Recordings